• Kalendar Berlin

    kalendar berlin anna falcó
    kalendar berlin- Anna Falcó
    kalendar berlin- Anna Falcó

    Me and other people who shared the experience of living in Berlin decided to make a Kalendar, one illustrator each month. I had to illustrate December.

    Year: 2016

  • 1 Year Marriage Illustration

    EEUU illustration

    This is an illustration for a couple in EEUU.
    It is the present for their first year of marriage, representing the idea that together every path is possible. It has references of the “Camino de Santiago” because it was their honney moon.

    Year: 2016

  • Tote bags

    tote bag tea time Anna Falcó
    tote bag unicorn Anna Falcó

    Silkscreen tote bags!

    Year: 2016

  • Mural

    mural Anna Falcó
    mural Anna Falcó

    This is a mural for a psychologist consulting waiting room.
    The purpose was to cover a slit on the wall. That is why the backgrown had to remain white.
    It ransmits nature, life and calm.

    Year: 2015

  • On the newspaper

    art i consciència

    An article on the newspaper about the studio where I used to work.

    Year: 2012

  • Adan and Eva

    adan and eva

    Adan and eva, just for fun.

    Year: 2016

  • Grattage

    ballena Anna Falcó

    “Quien a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija” it is a Spanish proverb meaning something like “Whoever leans close to a good tree is blanketed by good shade.”
    I illustrated a whaleshark because I felt really protected when I swam next to it. It is done with grattage technique.


    Year: 2015

  • Illustrated surf table

    tabla surf ilustrada

    I illustrated this surf table for my good friend Anna 🙂

    Year: 2011

  • Scary Children’s Books

    Illustrations for the scary children’s books I did for l’Escola del Mar.


    year: 2016

  • “Nagari” magazine from Miami talking about my work.

    Nagari Anna Falcó

    Nagari magazine from Miami, made a post about my work 🙂
    You can check it out!